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Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2003
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Social information.

The socials for the conference are:

Tuesday 3rdJune Narrowboat reception
Wednesday 4th June Conference Dinner

Tuesday 3rdJune
Narrowboat reception

The first night's social will start with a floating reception on two specially-chartered narrowboats starting from the University's landing stage near the Conference Centre along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal

.The Euphrates Narrow Boat (picture)

The trip will pass through peaceful rural surroundings before emerging into Gas Street Basin. We continue through the basin to explore part of the Birmingham Canal Navigation, built by James Brindley and completed in 1772 then later improved by Thomas Telford. We return to Gas Street basin (so called because Gas Street was the first street in the city to have gas lighting) which was once the hub of a thriving canal transport network and now forms the heart of Birmingham's regeneration, having won many awards for the redevelopment.
We have a private room booked at the Malt House (so called because it used to be one) public house, with a balcony overlooking the intersection of the Worcester and Birmingham, Birmingham Main Line and the Birmingham and Fazeley canals. A buffet is provided, with the bar serving a selection of real ales. Malt House (picture)
Wednesday 4th June
 Conference Dinner
The second night sees the Conference Dinner, which will be held in the conservatory dining room in Hornton Grange, on the Conference Park. Hornton Grange was built during the early years of this century as an Edwardian style gentleman's residence which now stands in its own attractive and peaceful grounds within the Conference Park. Hornton Grange (picture)
jazz  (picture) Following the dinner we will be entertained by a traditional jazz quartet in the bar, which serves a wide range of drinks including real ale. A bar extension has been arranged.