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Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2003
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NOTE. All building numbers refer to the map:

Tuesday 3rd June

Arrival Notes.
Arrival and check-in at conference centre (building 67).
Accomodation will be in buildings 63, 64, 66, 67, 68 or 69.
The conference programme takes place in building 67.

0930 Registration (building 67)

Tutorial Session

Vladimir Geroimenko SVG & X3D: An Introduction to XML-based 2D and 3D Graphics in the Context of the emerging Semantic Web

Tutorial Schedule:

0930 Part I
1030 Break
1100 Part II
1200 Lunch

1300 Lecture Room 1: Welcome and announcements

1315 Keynote I: Alan Chalmers, The Need for Realism: Graphics and Archaeology
1410 Break

Parallel Sessions I & II:

Lecture Room 1: Parallel Session I: Images and Displays1430 A. Dountsis and P. F. Lister, Designing Projective Environments
1455 P. M. Phillips and G. Watson, Generalising Video Textures
1520 D. Su and P. Willis, Demosaicing of Colour Images Using Pixel Level Data-Dependent Triangulation
1545 Local Speaker: Glynn Barratt: Three dimensional visualisation in archaeology fact or fiction

Lecturer Room 2: Parallel Session II: Information Visualisation
1430 G. Reina, S. Lange-Last, K. Engel and T. Ertl, Guided Navigation in Task-Oriented 3D Graph Visualizations
1455 K. Matkovic, J. Siglaer, M. Kompast, T. Psik and I. Wagner, The 3D Wunderkammer: An Indexing by Placing Approach to the Image Storage and Retrieval
1520 M. S. Sagar, An SVG Browser of XML Languages
1545 Z. ben Fredj and D. A. Duce, Schematic Diagrams, XML and Accessibility

1610 AGM

1800 Be at landing stage (between buildings 75 and 76) for Canal trip into Birmingham.

Wednesday 4th June

Keynote II:
0900 Lecture Room 1: Keynote II: Leif Kobbelt, Freeform Shape Representations for Efficient Geometry Processing

Session III: Work in Progress
0955 A. Smith, M. Chen and M. F. Webster, Vista: Developing a Global Repository and Showplace for Imagery Data
1015 M. Cooke, Previsualising the interior: Stylistic Representations of Virtual "Space" for Multiple End Users

1035 Break

Session IV:
Lecture Room 1: Session IV: Rendering and Modelling

1100 J. C. Whelan and M. Visvalingam, Formulated Silhouettes for Sketching Terrain
1125 R. Ohbuchi, T. Minamitani and T. Takei, Shape-Similarity Search of 3D Models by Using Enhanced Shape Functions
1150 R. Oslejsek and J. Sochor, Generic Graphics Architecture
1215 Y. L. Ma and W. T. Hewitt, Point Inversion and Projection for NURBS Curve: Control Polygon Approach

1240 Lunch

Session V:
Lecture Room 1: Session V: Volumes

1330 A. Steed, D. Alexander, P. Cook and C. Parker, Visualising Diffusion-Weighted MRI Data Using Collaborative Virtual Environment and Grid Technologies
1355 M. J. Turner, Shell Representation and Compression Conscious Manipulation for Three Dimensional Graphical Datasets
1420 N. W. John, High Performance Visualization in a Hospital Operating Theatre
1445 Z. Jiawan, S. Jizhou, S. Zhigang and W. Zunce, Local Shape Based Transfer Function Design for Volume Rendering

1510 Break

Parallel Sessions VI & VII

Lecture Room 2: Parallel Session VI: Work In Progress
1530 P. Bailey, K. Manktelow and P. Olomolaiye, Examination of the Colour Selection Process within Digital Design for the Built Environment
1550 S. Daubrenet and S. Pettifer, A Unifying Model for the Composition and Simulation of Behaviours in Distributed Virtual Environments
1610 Y. Zhang and T. Fernando, 3D Sound Feedback Act as Task Aid in a Virtual Assembly Environment

Lecture Room 1: Parallel Session VII: Virtual Worlds I
1530 C. Loscos, D. Marchal and A. Meyer, Intuitive Crowd Behaviour in Dense Urban Environments using Local Laws
1555 N. Watson and N. W. John, Simulation of Unmanned Air Vehicle Flocking

Social (Conference Dinner):
1745 Sherry Reception in Visualization Centre (building 50),
2000 Conference Dinner (building 63)


Thursday 5th June

Keynote III:

0900 Lecture Room 1: Keynote III: Chris Gaffney, Images of Archaeological Geophysics from the Small Screen

Session VIII:
Lecture Room 1: Session VIII: Virtual Worlds II
0955 T. R. Wan, H. Cheng and R. A. Earnshaw, Real-Time Path Planning for Navigation in Unknown Environment
1020 W. Tang, T. R. Wan and S. Patel, Real-Time Crowd on Large Terrain

1045 Break

Session IV:
Lecture Room 1: Session IV: Natural Enviornments and Facial Animation
1105 B. Benes, J. A. Cordoba and J. M. Soto, Modeling Virtual Gardens by Autonomous Procedural Agents
1130 D. Pearce and A. M. Day, Exploiting Partial Visibility in the Real-Time Display of Virtual Natural Environments
1155 J. D. Edge and S. Maddoc, Image-Based Talking Heads Using Radial Basis Functions
1220 M. A. S. Lorenzo and S. C. Maddock, Planar Bones for MPEG-4 Facial Animation

Closing Remarks and Prizes:
1245 Closing Remarks and best paper prizes.

1300 Lunch