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The UK Chapter of the Eurographics Association (EGUK) presents:-
Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2005

University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

15th to 17th June 2005

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Instruction to Authors

All contributions submitted to TPCG'2005 must be original, unpublished work and should not exceed 8 pages. Please include figures in the running text. Any work that has previously been published or simultaneously been submitted in substantially similar form to any other conference or journal will be rejected. Contributions must be written and presented in English. Please read these instructions carefully, well in advance of the submission deadline.

Please follow the LaTeX2e style, available here.(Updated 27/4/05)

Submission Procedure
Prepare your submission either as a PostScript or PDF file. You can also include material in other media such as applets and video, but the paper that is to appear in the printed proceedings must be in PostScript or PDF.

We ask you to follow the standard layout TPCG 2005 publications.

Please follow:

EGauthorGuidelines-EGUKTPCS05-sub.tex for submission,
EGauthorGuidelines-EGUKTPCS05-fin-prt.tex for the printed version,
EGauthorGuidelines-EGUKTPCS05-fin-electronic.tex for the electronic version.

A LaTeX2e style file to generate this layout is available (document class, style file, sample LaTeX2e source, and corresponding PDF output file).
In case you do not use LaTeX2e to typeset your paper, please reproduce the style and layout in the sample PDF) file as closely as you can in the system you are using.

In either case, please make sure that an image embedded in your paper does not contain transparent pixels (i.e. an alphachannel of a transparent color) because this will lead to problems when the resulting PDF is displayed or printed.

Please include with each submission:

  1. the contact author,
  2. the contact information (address, email, phone, fax ) and
  3. the submission category.

see the CFP for the categories, and where to send your paper.

Please also submit a signed copy of the copyright transfer form.

Only papers presented in the above style can be included in the proceedings, and must reach the programme chair by the CRC submission deadline.
Please note that submissions are limited to 8 pages using the above style.