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EGUK 2001. Conference Programme.                         

Tuesday 3rd April.                              

2:00pm            Welcome address.                 

2:15pm             Invited talk. Tim Child, Televirtual,

                        Avatars, Loveytars and Newsagents.               

3:00pm Tea.                

                    Plenary Session 1: Virtual Environments               

3:15pm Vince Jennings, University of East Anglia                  

Procedural modelling of vernacular housing for virtual heritage environments.

3:45pm João Oliveira, University College London                       

Light-weight virtual humans.

4:15pm Julian Willmott, University of East Anglia                  

Modelling & rendering large urban environments.

4:35pm            Manuel Oliveira, University College London                       

Nemesis: A different approach to building a virtual environment (or game).

5:00pm             Close.

6:00pm Depart for London Eye.                

Wednesday 4th April.                                     


9:00am             Coffee             

9:30am             Invited talk:  Dr. Graham Thomas, BBC R&D

Virtual studios and beyond.


10:30am            Coffee             

                    Parallel Session 2A: Simulating natural phenomena.                  

10:45am            Gordon C Watson, University of Edinburgh        

Efficient techniques for full-spectral rendering of the Earths atmosphere.

11:05am            Roland Borch Hougs, University of East Anglia                  

A technique for simulating naturally occurring waters.

11:25am            Jon Timmis, University of Kent at Canterbury                  

aiVIS – Artificial immune network visualisation


                    Parallel Session 2B: Research forum I.                

10:45am            Nick Higgett, De Montfort University        

An investigation into computer integrated house management systems (CIHMS) in the context of multimedia design and technology

11:05am            Hualin Zhou, University of Wales Swansea                        

Image comparison with human contrast sensitive function.

11:25am            Darren Waite, University of East Anglia                  

World Navigation Systems: Navigation in space, through air, on land.

11:45am            Jonathan Roberts, University of Kent at Canterbury                  

Sticky Pixels: Evolutionary growth by random drop ballistic aggregation.

12:30pm            Lunch              


                    Parallel Session 3A: Modeling.             

13:30pm            James Edge, University of Sheffield                      

Expressive visual speech using geometric muscle functions

14:00pm            Mark Eastlick, University of Sheffield                      

Triangle mesh simplification using error polyhedra.

14:30pm            Jian ZhangBournemouth University

Fast creation of glass surfaces considering curvature boundary conditions


                    Parallel Session 3B: Research forum II.               

13:30pm            Ciaran Wills, University of Glasgow                      

Multimedia asset management for post-production

13:50pm            John Cowell, De Montfort University                    

Resolving conflicts in Arabic and Latin character recognition.

14:30pm            Geoffrey Brindle, Manchester Metropolitan University                    

Anti-aliased textures using shape-lookup tables

14:50pm            Hyun Chin, KwangJu Institute of Science and Technology      

A ray tracing method with ray-prediction, and its parallelization.

3:00pm            Afternoon Tea             

                    Plenary Session 2                

3:15pm             Huw Jones, Middlesex University                     

Exact object rendering using iterated function systems.

3:45pm            Sebastien Thon, Limoges University                    

A Semi-physical model of running waters.

4:15pm EGUK AGM. 


4:45pm Close.

7:00pm            Conference Dinner.                

Thursday 5th April                               

9:00am             Coffee             

Plenary Session 3: Rendering.                              

9:30am             Mark W Jones, University of Wales Swansea           

Using distance fields for object representation and rendering.

10:00am            Chris Whyle, University of Wales Swansea                       

Global illumination of volumetric datasets.

10:30am            Coffee             

10:45am            Invited talk: Ian Badcoe, Infogrames

The challenge of software development for games.                         


11:45am            Closing remarks.

                        EGUK2002 at De Montfort.

                        EG2001 in Manchester.

                        Award of the Ken Brodlie and Terry Hewitt best paper prizes.             

12:30pm          Conference close

12:30pm          Lunch

        Optional Tour of the UCL CAVE    

1:30pm              Tour starts (approximate time)