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Title of talk: "TBA"

Company Profile:
Televirtual, is a UK based VR company founded by Tim Child. They launched the world's first computerised TV presenter! The newsreader was modelled on Andrea Catherwood, a UK Channel 5 personality, and has been given the name 'Vandrea'.
[Information from VRNews ].

Additionally, Meet Vince the fish, television's oddest DJ. Vince is a realtime virtual TV programme host, and features the first technology marriage between Mask VR and Babel 2 lips from Babel Technologies in Belgium.
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Vince the Fish, Televirtual

Title of talk: "Virtual Studios and beyond"
Abstract: The integration of real and virtual scene elements has been a feature of TV production for many decades. However, severe constraints are usually placed on what is possible, for example by forcing the camera to remain fixed. In recent years, systems have been developed to overcome many of these limitations. This talk will review the technological developments that have made these advances possible, and show examples of how they are being applied in today's TV production. Current research is looking at pushing the technology further, to support applications such as immersive TV. Some of this work will be discussed.

Company Profile:
A Virtual Studio, whether working in 2D or 3D, is covered with a chroma-key material, a suitable lighting rig and technical equipment for combining the real action with the virtual scenery. The scenery can be totally computer generated in real-time, pre-rendered or normal video...

The BBC has developed an alternative to blue screen which uses a specially developed, neutral coloured material for the cyclorama combined with a low intensity key light around the camera lens.
[Information from BBC R&D]

Virtual Production, BBC R&D
Title of talk: "The challenge of software development for games"

Company Profile

Infogrames has always been in the business of creating new worlds. Whether real or imaginary, these worlds have been brought alive by the experience of video gaming.... Entertainment is the key to Infogrames products but a big part of Infogrames' philosophy is that all of our games should give something else to the consumer.
[Information from Infogrames ]

Koudelka, game