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EGUK2000 Advance Programme

Celebrating 30 Years of Computer Graphics in the UK

Tuesday, 4th April 2000

12:00 EGUK Computer Graphics Pioneers' Lunch
14:00 Opening Address Dag Lundervold, Managing Director, SGI UK
14:10 Picture Imperfect - Running Away from Realism Professor Phil Willis, Bath
15:00 People, Packages and Events Professor David Duce, Oxford Brookes
15:50 Tea and Coffee
16:10 VR in Europe, 10 Years On... but the Best is Yet to Come Professor Bob Stone, Virtual Presence
17:00 Industrial Sessions
19:00 Conference Reception

Wednesday, 5th April 2000

Plenary Session 1
09:00 Simplifying 3D polygon clipping and hidden surface removal Dyke and Hewitt
09:30 Lightning strikes: an installation Evans, Jones and Mallinder
10:00 Emergent Modelling of Complex Systems in VRML Jankovic and Dumpleton
10:30 Tea and Coffee
Parallel Session 1A: UCL Stream - Populating the Virtual Cities
11:00 Real-time Visualisation of Densely Populated Urban Environments Tecchia and Chrysanthou
11:25 Crowd Control: lightweight actors for populating virtual landscapes Smith, Pettifer and West
11:50 SQUIDS: Interactive Deformation of Superquadrics for Model Matching in Virtual Environments Sinnott and Howard
12:15 A simple model for visually realistic running waters Thon, Dischler and Ghazanfarpour
Parallel Session 1B: Research Student Forum - Rendering and Image Compression
11:00 Approaches to Rendering Using Global Adaptive Importance Sampling McCabe
11:25 Ray Tracing Advanced Optical Effects in Direct Volume Rendering Rodgman
11:50 A Framework for Accurate Modelling and Rendering of Volumetric Scenes Winter
12:15 Subjective and Objective Stereo Image Compression Analysis Karim and Turner
12:45 Lunch
Parallel Session 2A: User Interface Design
14:00 Towards the Manipulable User Interface Baber, Wing and Jankovic
14:30 The mat as a non-conventional interface Mallinder and Jones
15:00 Human Centred UI Design for Remote Interviews Kiddell, Chen, Oborne and Slater
Parallel Session 2B: Research Student Forum - Virtual Environments
14:00 Virtual Environments for the Education of Patients Furnish and Day
14:25 The Design of Usable Interfaces for Non-immersive Virtual Environments Sayers, Wilson, Myles and McNeill
14:50 Nomad a toolkit for the Development of Collaborative Virtual Environments Wilson, Sayers, Myles and McNeill
15:15 Virtual Reality as a Tool for Visualising Four Dimensional Objects Wellard and Chapman
15:45 Tea and Coffee
Plenary Session 2
16:00 Real Time Implicit Bulging and Volume Preservation Linden, Reynolds and O Sullivan
16:30 Proton Therapy Concepts Demonstrator McDerby, John, Brunt, Kacperek and Hewitt
17:00 Local optimisation approach for finding largest inscribed objects in simple planar polygons Strnad
17:30 Polynomial Evaluation using Affine Arithmetic for Curve Drawing Zhang and Martin
19:00 Conference Dinner

Thursday, 6th April 2000

09:00 Panel Session - The Future of Computer Graphics, topics include:
  • Collaborative data navigation,
  • Collaborative work environments,
  • Communications research,
  • Computer graphics in Industry,
  • Computer graphics on the Web (SGV, VML),
  • Geophysical applications,
  • Graphics hardware at the high end,
  • Graphics hardware for the home and professional desktop,
  • High-Performance Visualization,
  • Interactive visual electronic documents,
  • The Visual ASP Concept,
Mr. Chris Henn, SGI;
Prof. Bob Hopgood, RAL;
Prof. Mikael Jern, AVS;
Mr. Chris Thornborrow, PixelFusion;
Dr. Doug Traill, BT Advanced Communications Research;
Dr. Rob Treloar, Unilever;
Dr. Howard Watkins, Schlumberger GeoQuest.
11:10 Tea and Coffee
11:30 Keynote Speech: Participatory Fiction: Authors, Audiences, and Computers Dr Andrew Glassner, Microsoft Research
12:30 Award of Ken Brodlie Prize for Best Paper
Conference Close

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