Eurographics UK Chapter

EG-UK'99, Cambridge

17th Annual Conference

Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

13-15 April 1999

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EG-UK's 1999 conference venue


The 1999 conference is taking place at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. The University of Cambridge was one of the pioneers in early computer research. This year, for example, marks the 50th anniversary of the completion of the EDSAC computer, the world's first fully operational stored program computer. Graphics research is therefore a relative newcomer. This year's conference themes reflect some of the current research interests in the University's Computer Laboratory.

Dinner and sight-seeing

Two dinners are provided as part of the conference package. The first, on 13th April, will be held in the hall of St. John's College, one of the finest medieval dining halls in the country. The second, the following evening, will be in the hall of Fitzwilliam College, the conference venue, providing a contrast between 16th and 20th century architecture! Between the tutorial sessions and the first night's dinner will be an opportunity to take a guided walking tour of the medieval city centre.

Accommodation and meals

Fitzwilliam College has a history stretching back to 1869, when it was founded as a non-collegiate institution for those who did not want to, or were too poor to, belong to a college. It moved to its present site, about 15 minute's walk from the city centre, in the 1960s. Conference accommodation is provided on site. Two types of accommodation are available. Rooms in New Court are comfortable student accommodation with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Rooms in Wilson Court offer a higher standard of accommodation, with ensuite shower and WC, and direct dial telephones. The accommodation costs cover bed and breakfast, while all other meals are included in the conference fees. All of the accommodation, lectures theatres, and catering facilities are within two minutes walk of one another.