Eurographics UK Chapter

EG-UK'99, Cambridge

17th Annual Conference

Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

13-15 April 1999

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Speakers' AV request form

Please note that this form should be filled in with the name of the person who will be presenting the paper at the conference. Only the person named on this form will receive the (25%) speaker discount when the booking form goes live.

(Title and) Name:
Affiliation (Company, Institute, University, etc):
Email address:
Paper title:
Please select one or more of the following options to indicate the AV aids you will need:
Overhead projector:
35mm slide projector:
Paper flipchart:
VHS/NTSC video:
VHS/PAL video:
XGA (1024x768) PC projector:
While we will do our best to accommodate speakers' needs, equipment other than the above has not been allowed for within the conference budget. Unless you are able to negotiate the loan of other equipment, we are unable to guarantee to supply anything else.
Any other requests or queries over AV equipment:

The data you have entered will be emailed to the conference organisers The processed form data will be displayed for confirmation.